Speed up your loan applications with AI

Reduce time to close by automating customer communication, document collection and loan application processing

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No more manual busywork for loan officers

Casca uses generative AI to compliantly communicate with loan applicants, collect and analyze documents, and securely process loan applications from end-to-end.


Step 1

Convert more leads with an AI loan assistant

Never lose a loan applicant, just because it takes your loan officers hours to contact them. Casca responds within 2-3 minutes.

Step 2

Delight customers with a simple application

Securely collect customer information in a modern digital application portal. You can easily customize it with your branding & design.

Step 3

Automate document collection via E-Mail or upload portal

Save hours every week reminding applicants to upload their financial statements, tax returns or link their bank account.


Get started with a modular platform that fits your needs

Digital Loan Application

securely collect customer information in a modern UI

Application form

Document upload portal

Digital signature

AI Loan Assistant

respectfully guide customers through the application process

Inbound lead conversion

Document collection

Question answering

Loan Origination System

compliantly process commercial loan applications in our LOS

360 degree digital loan file

Multi-role decision making

3rd party API integrations

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Cascading AI

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