- Tripling lead conversion rates for SBA 7(a) loan applications

Casca was brought in to help an FDIC-insured bank modernize their digital SBA 7(a) loan application process. We were able to triple lead conversion rates.

FDIC-insured Bank
SBA 7(a) Loan Applications


Over the course of two weeks, we replaced an outdated online application process with a modern, intuitive, and mobile-friendly experience integrated with the Casca AI Loan Assistant.

The legacy loan application took users up to 2 hours to complete, requiring heavy assistance from loan officers, leading to two major problems:

  • high churn rates (users abandoning the application)
  • high customer acquisition costs (loan officers spending too much time on each application)

After deploying Casca, the bank saw a 3x increase in lead conversion rates, with a 90% reduction in loan officer time spent on each application:

  • higher conversion rates (users completing the application often in less than 7 minutes)
  • lower customer acquisition costs (loan officers spending less than 5 minutes on each application before underwriting)

In addition, the bank noticed that more than 50% of applications came in outside of working hours: The Casca AI Loan Assistant was able to respond to these applications in 2-3 minutes, compared to previous average response times of 12-24 hours.

What we delivered

  • Online Application Form
  • Casca AI Loan Assistant
Higher conversion rates
Time saving for loan officers
Average Response time
2-3 min
to deploy
2 weeks

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