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of banking executives believe AI will revolutionize the way they interact with customers

79% of banking executives believe AI will revolutionize the way they interact with customers.



Our all-Stanford machine learning team is ready to partner.

Machine Learning

Educated at Stanford University and tested in high growth AI start-ups, we bring cutting edge AI innovation to the banking sector.

Large Language Models

LLMs are at the heart of the current AI revolution. They enable making sense of unstructured financial data.

Core Banking Systems

Years of experience in core banking software inform our approach to AI in banking.

Secure Deployment

Deploy Cascading AI agents on your private cloud or on your servers or let us run it for you

AWS, Azure or Google

Private cloud

Conversational AI,

Question answering over knowledge bases,

Complex decision making,

Highly accurate data transformations,

Synthetic data generation,

Agent-based interactions and task automation,

...and everything that you could do on-premises…


All on your servers

Classification and categorization,

Data visualization and clustering,

Simple language generation,

Similarity matching,

Form filling,

Intent recognition,

Sentiment analysis,

Text summarization

We work with globally leading technology providers

So you can save months of work on building custom interfaces and infrastructure

We are supported by the best in the field and bring top Stanford engineering talent

Solid funding and a strong connection to the heart of Silicon Valley



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Cascading AI

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